30 weeks, 8 months.

30 weeks

8 months 


How far along? 30.5 weeks (8 months)

Due Date? May 26th

 Total weight gain/loss: Gained 26lbs since becoming pregnant. Pretty much on track as I was with my first pregnancy. My physician said not everyone is supposed to gain in the 25-30lbs "as suggested". He said that some women genetically gain 50lbs or more, some only 15-20lbs. He told me to just eat healthy and not over eat. He also said whatever I gain (genetically) will fall off quick. It's the over eating, poor food choices, and not exercising that makes the last 10lbs hard for women to lose. We'll see how much I end up gaining during this pregnancy. I am hoping by term I'm not where I was with my first pregnancy. My first pregnancy I gained an unnecessary 20lbs (after 37 weeks) due to having preeclampsia and an ignorant doctor that had me eat more calories and didn't catch the preeclampsia till I was in labor!  

 Maternity clothes?:  Since none of my pre-preggo jeans/pants fit, I purchased some normal non-maternity skinny jeans from F21, in a 30" waist (the largest size I think they sell). I refuse to buy maternity jeans! They fit buttoned and zipped and are comfy to wear to doctor appointments and grocery shopping. Also, purchased a couple pair of fashion sweatpants (who knew that those are a thing?) and leggings. Wearing those with maternity tanks and non-maternity dolman tops. Still wearing the belly band and my nursing bras. I have quite a few non-maternity maxi dresses (as pictured) that fit over my bump, perfect for this spring! 

Stretch marks? None

Sleep: Ha, nope! Finding a comfortable position is immensely difficult! Maybe we'll all sleep better once she's born! (fingers crossed she sleeps as good as her older brother!)

Best moment this week: Yay for being in the third trimester! Hitting the 10 weeks (or less) till we meet HER milestone! Also, getting news that I passed my glucose tolerance test! But, of course, failing the iron part- so I have to upper my dose of iron supplements that I normally take. Just like in my first pregnancy. SMH.

Have you told family and friends: Everyone knows, or should know!

Miss Anything?: Well...not having constant back pain, SLEEP, certain foods. But it's not that big of a deal. She's totally worth it! Just 10 more weeks or less to go! 

Movement: Oh yes! Constant flips, jabs, kicks, hiccups, what I can only imagine are punches, rolling and turning- especially at night during story time for Ezra!

Food cravings: rhubarb/strawberry popsicles, and cold cereal.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Oh, the usual... I gag over something  everyday. It's funny how I didn't have these lingering symptoms when I was pregnant with a boy! So maybe that old wives' tale is true after all! 

Have you started to show yet: Oh Yes!

Gender: GIRL

Do you have a name picked out? If so, what? Yes. We're waiting to announce it when she's born. But if you must know early, ask Ezra. He's not quite 2 years old yet, but since he knows her name and can say her name he'll probably tell you! The only people who do know are our parents and one of my aunts knows too.

Is the child being named after someone? Yes, sort of. Her middle name is a family name. Although I am sure someone (there is always one) will have some snide remark about it... You know how that goes! Ha ha!

Purchased anything for baby? A few things to wear for summer and for her room. Also reusing tons of infant stuff from when Ezra was an infant, too.

Symptoms?: Tons of symptoms that we think are just related to me being anemic and to the baby growing/blood volume in my body. Hopefully not preeclampsia again! My urine tests are all alright, as is my blood pressure- really praying I do NOT become preeclampsic again! Also, lower back pain, pretty painful Braxton Hicks contractions, some fluid leakage (gross, I know), boob pain (hopefully that means milk is being made, again!) 

Labor Signs: A few. Mostly Braxton Hicks, but some are super painful- ouch!

Belly Button in or out? In, but flat.

Wedding rings on or off? Only wearing my wedding band. It was always too big on me anyway, I never bothered to get it resized since I wear my engagement ring over it. Swelling in my fingers started at week 29. No swelling anywhere else, that I can tell anyway.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Stressed but surprisingly happy. Especially since I do not get much sleep!

Looking forward to: seeing if this placenta previa that I have has corrected itself by my next appointment, the next ultrasound, and having this baby! Ezra is ready too, or so he says. He rubs my baby-bump every night and gives his baby sister kisses. He has also been saying: "Oh, hold her! HOLD her!", he might be saying different once she actually arrives, ha!

What I wore:
maxi dress: f21 from two years ago
lace kimono: f21 from two years ago
electric blue cami: either from Free People or charlotte russe

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A few random, not so known, facts about me

a few random, not so known, facts about me:

  • I was named after a girl in a song. "The Weight"- The Band  a.k.a. "Take a load off, Annie"
  • I am a sentimental person. I deeply cherish the special things others give me.
  • I have OCD. One of the random obsessive-compulsive things that I do is, I think that I need to log and rate every film I watch. (See my MUBI profile for ridiculous proof)
  • Chocolate milk must be my spirit animal.
  • I rearrange and redecorate my house, constantly.
  • Although I had stage IV Endometriosis and damage to my organs from having the disease, I did not take any fertility drugs or have treatments to get pregnant with either of my babies. For this I feel immensely blessed!
  • I have really weird and unusual obsessions. Examples: the cosmos, things that are copper, visiting cemeteries, avant-garde cinema, etc...
  • Although I am a Christian, I do not care to "hang out" with other Christians. I find it exhausting and pretentious.
  • I taught myself photography, how to cook, sew, paint, herbology, play the piano, the French language, and how to cut/color my own hair. Although I am not a "pro" at any of those things, I am proud that I took the initiative to learn.
  • In my About Me I wrote that I collect a myriad of things. Here are just a few of the things I collect: crystals, raw gems, unique rocks, and minerals; Victorian and Edwardian era photographs and relics; handmade quilts (not machine sewn); old books (anything pre-1960s)...

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Endometriosis Awareness

  The month of March is National Endometriosis Awareness month. I previously blogged about the emergency surgery that I had back in 2011 to remove stage IV endometriosis from my body. Just for a quick update on myself and recap of what Endo is and why advocacy matters, here is a little information about this incurable disease.


"What’s the Big Deal? It’s Just 'Killer Cramps', Right?"
   This misnomer diminishes and invalidates the suffering of every woman and girl with the disease, and often leads to isolation. Imagine a pain so bad that you physically cannot get out of bed. Your body, curled up into a ball. Sometimes you even vomit because you are in so much pain. In my case, losing complete consciousness and then vomiting from the pain. Imagine that normal-over-the-counter-pain-medication does not even begin to remotely help you. Imagine you have such a heavy menstrual cycle that you cannot go anywhere without having to change your hygiene products at least once an hour or hour and a half if you are lucky. Imagine... going to the doctor and they tell you that there is an immense possibility that you will never have children because of this silent disease. Imagine never even knowing when your menstrual cycle will happen, and because of this disease you are always irregular. Imagine having "cramps" at any given time of the month for absolutely no reason.

 Stage chart for Endometriosis.
(I had stage IV, severe.)

The month of March is 
National Endometriosis Awareness Month. 
Yellow is the endometriosis awareness color. 
So remember this March to wear something yellow. 
Get a yellow ribbon, and when asked what it is for, let them know it is for all of the woman living with this painful disease, endometriosis. 

How can you help? 
Visit the ERC and make a donation. 
The ERC is the only 501(c)3 non-profit endometriosis charity which exists solely on the donations, charitable contributions and volunteerism of concerned individuals and foundations who share their goals of improving the quality of life for those with the disease, seeking more effective treatments for endometriosis, and ultimately, a cure. They do not pay staff salaries, and all tax-deductible contributions are received 100% by the ERC and solely used to support the education, awareness, support and research facilitation programs. 
Here is a LINK to shops that support the ERC. 

Update on myself and my battle with endometriosis:

  Although I still have serious health problems due to having endometriosis, I, for one, am beyond blessed and immensely thankful to have been able to get pregnant after the first removal of endometriosis from my body. I am also thankful that I did NOT need or have to go through fertility treatments to get pregnant, with either pregnancy. I still have severe problems with my bladder and the damage endometriosis did there. The problem I have with my bladder due to having Endo is starting to effect my current pregnancy, negatively. I also have an intense stabbing/pinching/shocking pain that comes and goes in my left sciatic nerve. My cycles are still irregular. I'm surprised that I was able to become pregnant a second time (without the aid of fertility drugs). I also have a tilted, or tipped, uterus. (see above charts for info on all problems mentioned). To read more about my story of having endometriosis and the emergency surgery I ended up having, click HERE.

Do you have Endo? Think you might?
Please click this LINK for more information.

To my Endo sisters:
         The moment you are ready to quit is usually the 
moment right before a miracle happens. 
Don't give up.
 Never stop fighting. 
Educate, support, empower!

I am a survivor.

▲ For more information about Endometriosis, please visit endocenter.org 


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Thrift Finds

  Going thrift shopping is very therapeutic for me. So after my 25 week checkup last week, we decided to check out a few of the local thrifts as well as a few antique stores. I have a little "thrift finds list" located in my notes on my iPhone, just to keep my self in check while thrifting because we all know that thrifting can get a little out of hand! My thrift scores this time just happen to be things I always keep my eyes open for.

  My thrift scores: Pyrex casserole dish in amazing condition with lid (pink daisy print), paid $5.00 for it. I have been doing SO good about not buying all the Pyrex I find. However, I never pass up a good deal on one with a lid! A super cute floral enamelware pot in perfect condition, $6.00. Most enamelware I find has chunks of enamel out of it, making them pretty much useless. So of course I grabbed this guy up as soon as I spotted him!  A 22x18 vintage floral needlepoint, "To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth". The "Earth" part should have been capitalized, smh- Oh well!  It's dated and signed on the back, (Jeanne Berger 1976), and I only paid $2.50 for it! I thought this needlepoint was just in a gold and wood frame, which I planned on painting. But upon closer inspection, when we got home with our finds, I noticed that it has olive colored velvet imbedded in the frame. So painting might be tricky. A vintage 8"x10" 1960s Myrle Medeiros textured print in Sugar Bun, (also called Sugar Bon). I found two of the same prints on Etsy with prices ranging from $15.00 - $45.00. They are even more expensive than that on Ebay. I don't know what this artwork should be worth, but I paid $1.50 for mine! S T E A L ! This print would also look cute paired with my Gunilla prints! I plan on painting the frame, to match the colors used in baby girl's room.

  Not pictured are a few gold 8x10 picture frames that I picked up for repuropsing, paid $1.00 - $2.00 for them. Vintage stainless steel coffee carafe, that hubs picked up- $2.00.

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