Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, ladies! 

I am feeling so very grateful this morning. 
I am spending the day, as I do everyday, with these two precious little humans that call me Momma. We're showing our glowing, real, smiles in this pic! 
Ezra kept laughing and Eleanor just adores him. I love being their Mommy!
I'm also thankful for technology, because we got to FaceTime my momma, their Gran, this morning too!

Proverbs 23:25 May she who gave you birth be happy.

Proverbs 31:2;8 Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.

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+ currently +

+ currently +

(tee- vintage, belonged to my husband; flowy bell bottoms- can't remember...; sandals- F21)

She Reads Truth (app)

watching, television:
The Good Witch-
 I adored the Good Witch films and am loving this series!
I want to live in Middleton as well as Grey House. 
I want to shop at Bell, Book, and Candle. 
I want Cassie Nightingale's wardrobe... 
Oh, this show!
So sad though, that they just aired this season's finale. 
I read where this autumn Hallmark will air a two-hour special season premier.
But I don't know how I'll wait till 2016 to watch season 2! (airs on Hallmark Channel)

Mad Men, season 7-
 So incredibly sad that this is the end of the show. I hope Matthew Weiner (creator and head writer) comes up with another show, it is so very well written!
 Oh, Draper!

A Bone To Pick, An Aurora Teagarden Mystery-
 I have not read the books, but now I really want to! 
A little hokey, but cute! Quite reminiscent of Agatha Christie. Airs on Hallmark Channel.

The Gilmore Girls
This is the first time I am watching the show. (I know, completely 15 years behind!)
I have drastic bouts of where I get totally interested in the show/the characters but then get bored and annoyed with the show in its entirety.
I have noticed that there are tons of factual mistakes in the writing (the creator is supposedly trademarked known for quip-y pop culture dialogue) and mistakes with the props/sets (e.g. everyone seems to have the same dining room chairs as Luke's diner). 
The writing in itself is super annoying: speed-talkers making unnecessary quips in every single scene of dialogue. It's just too much. Also, I cannot stand the actress who plays Lorelai.
I'm currently half way through season 3 via Netflix.
Also, why am I still watching?
Probably the same reason why I have to finish books that I start reading but do not like-
 I have to know how it ends...

watching, films: 
Interstellar (2014)
Nightcrawler (2014)
Noah (2014)
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)
 Záhrada (1995)
Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow (2010)
The Twilight Girls (1957)
The Tulips (1907)
The Maker (2011)
Oramunde (1933)
Fool's Gold (2008)
Paris S'en Va (1981) & Le Pont Du Nord (1981)

- all films available On Demand, Netflix, HBOgo, or Youtube.
I'm pulling TONS of inspiration from these films!
 Especially Záhrada, Oramunde, Paris S'en Va, & Le Pont Du Nord!
 Also, the very emotional Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck.

I'll forever adore Damon Albarn...

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Eleanor Love ~ 11 months

Eleanor Love

11 months

Guess who is walking!!! 

  Ellie's not walking everywhere, though. She still prefers to crawl when in a hurry to get to where she wants to go (mainly from the living room to the kitchen). She is taking up to 8 or 9 steps at a time. Our current apartment is so small that she really doesn't have room to take more! I took a video of her at 10 months taking up to five steps before falling, but haven't been able to video her taking up to nine steps. She's definitely not a show pony, capturing her doing cute stuff is hit or miss. Its like she knows exactly what I am doing when I go to grab my iPhone. Eleanor prefers standing to sitting. And she really only walks to her big brother, Ezra. Which, as you can imagine, makes Ezra feel very proud!
  Miss Love now has six teeth and four buds of teeth coming in... yikes! She's had such a hard time with cutting teeth this go around. We haven't tried any new foods this past month, but Ellie is getting better at chewing solids. She is also getting better at feeding herself. She would already have that mastered if I still had our highchair. I'm strongly considering just buying another one from IKEA. I finally found a sippy cup that doesn't leak everywhere, so she's doing really well with drinking from a sippy. Most babies already have this mastered because they're bottle fed. Eleanor never took a bottle. (might have mentioned that in earlier posts)

  Her hair has grown so much these past few months. It's still an ash blonde color, although it photographs a darker blonde. Ellie has curls all over, just like her dad and I, but I mostly dry it so that it looks wavy/straight. I remember that Ezra had the same kind of hair when he was a baby. (His hair is naturally wavy now, though) Her hair is long enough now for baby pig-tails and a baby ponytail, but her hair is so short, still, on top that it looks kinda funny if I try to style it in those ways. But I have to admit, it looks super cute! I might have mentioned this in a previous post but, her eyes have settled on a beautiful hazel color, constantly changing from an emerald green to a pretty golden brown.

  Eleanor's new favorite thing is to blow kisses. Its probably the cutest thing EVER! I have a video of her blowing kisses that I sent to Justin while he was at work. 
Heart = melted. 
She also waves bye-bye, but only every once in awhile. She places her hand, flat, up to her ear and "talks" (baby jabbers)- mimicking me talking on the phone. She also hands objects/toys to you. We call it "sharing" when she hands something to Ezra. A learning experience for both kids! This is all part of her process of copying gestures.

  She still tries to say words that we say. Her new word is: eyes. I'm trying to teach her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, and hands... but she just bursts out laughing every single time I get to mouth! She is starting to help more with getting dressed by holding her arms up or out and stepping out of her pants. Which she gets really eager to do when it is bath time! She's a baby Neptune just like her big brother!

  Eleanor has favorite toys and objects. She usually goes for the plastic measuring cups, her pretend tea cup, and small books. I like to think she takes after me, going for tea and books- ha! Miss Love enjoys story time. She also loves dancing! My goodness, this baby girl can move! I have so many videos of her dancing. The funny thing is, she'll dance to anything! Her toy piano that plays music, actual music (any genre), and even to the made up songs that I sing to her and Ezra throughout the day! She cracks us up. I cannot wait to put her in dance classes when she gets older.

11 month milestones {some are repeats from 10 months}- Says: Momma, Dada, Bubba, Ezra, This, Yeah, Texas, & Eyes- all very plainly; Repeats sounds and words; Stands on her own (at 8 months); Took a step on her own 9 months; Walked at 10 months -- took more than 6 steps at 10 months; Eating more solids; Responds to and correctly understands commands; Copies facial expressions and gestures- her new favorite is blowing kisses!;  Still super clingy with me; Stands on her own (in middle of the room without assistance from furniture or someone)- Cruises holding on to furniture; Loves having books read to her; Can feed herself; Loves playing alongside Ezra; Has 6 teeth and counting; Looks for things hidden- and knows exactly where things are, too.; Points at objects; Responds to simple, spoken, requests; Tries to say words you say; Mimics and repeats sounds back to you; Explores things in different ways, like shaking, banging, throwing.

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Ezra Grey, age three.

Ezra Grey

age, three.

For his third birthday, I asked Ezra a series of
questions to complete a list of his favorite things.
 Here they are...

A list of favorites:

Favorite TV show: Zerby Derby, PAW Patrol, and Super Wings.
Favorite books: the Berenstain Bears books
Favorite Food: pancakes, blueberries, apples, cucumbers, hamburgers.
Favorite sport: golf  (definitely a Hodges...)
Favorite thing to wear: "big boy" underwear 
Favorite place: Texas and Gran's house
Favorite color: red
Favorite animal: kitty cats
Favorite thing to do: play and put puzzle pieces together.
Favorite place to have fun: playground
Favorite place to shop:  Disney Store, Target, and HPBooks

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