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+ currently +

a list of random, current, favorites from the past couple months:


I have watched way more than this.
These are just the ones I would recommend watching:

Ida (2013)
Foxcatcher (2014)
Barbara (2012)
Ordet (1955)
Two Moon Junction (1988)
The Conformist (1970)
Sweet Charity (1969)
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
Hunger Games- Mockingjay pt.1 (2014)

apps (most used) & blogs:
 I'm sure everyone has heard of, or uses, Dropbox. I've known about it for years but never used it, although my husband did/does. I didn't think it would be useful to me or something I would use- mostly, because I didn't know what Dropbox actually was. I finally downloaded it a few months back. Its super handy, I use it everyday. I use it mainly for the next app...

My go-to photo editing app.  Premade photo editing templates never looked cleaner or easier to use. The VSCOgrid (a link to my VSCO grid) is a wonderful outlet to showcase your best photography. (I think Visual Supply Company killed Flickr.) The company has an eye for modern photography (although sometimes more than not, they tend to be a bit  biased on photographs "without substance"; the kind that is currently popular with the so-called hipsters). The easily curated way of making digital photography mimic film saves countless time in lightroom and photoshop. I have even been chosen to have some of my photography selected for their curated grid!
(search instagram with hashtag #vscocam)

 Because, who doesn't want to know where to get the best deal on gas near you!
So handy, and free!

The Kindred Women 
 I just adore the girl who created this blog. Colie has such a beautiful and loving soul. I thoroughly enjoy reading each and every post, and am honored to be a guest blogger!

Live Love DIY
I adore this blog. Truly adore.
I think Virginia and I would make great friends, which is probably really weird to say.
My interest in flipping houses, buying a fixer upper, and doing complete remodels brought me to her blog.
The cute DIYs and just her personality through her writing keeps me coming back.

A Beautiful Mess
I have followed Elsie's blog since 2008.
Back before she was married, and back when
she just made paintings and crochet bear-ear hats!
Something about her fun personality keeps me reading her blog.
Also, all the super cute, and often really handy, DIYs.
Loving her blog contributors as well.

Good Flow Honey Co. local Austin, Texas honey. (a pantry staple)

HEB brand almond granola bars

The freshly made, in store, Texas style medium salsa from the HEB deli. I'd say that it is better than Whole Foods... and super HOT! I can't get enough. I basically eat it everyday for lunch, even if it does set my mouth on fire 20 minutes after I eat it!

classic hummus with corn chips
(gluten free! and, my go-to snack!
Plus, Eleanor L O V E S sharing classic hummus with me)

Half Price Books
a.k.a, Ezra's favorite place (besides the playground and toys stores, of course)
We usually go book shopping on Sunday afternoons. Stopping first to get coffee for hubs and a chia tea latte for me at Starbucks, which is, haphazardly, located right next door to where we currently live...
copper paint pens.
I've updated and upcycled so many things with copper paint. 
Can't stop won't stop.

Also, currently giving our bedroom a much need makeover and revamp.
I've narrowed down a "theme" and DIY updated the wall art and items that go on the bedside tables. Now, just to paint our fourposter bed and purchase new, coordinating, and much needed, linens at IKEA.

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Eleanor Love ~ 10 months

Eleanor Love

10 months

  My little hazel-eyed girl is growing by leaps and bounds! Her little features keep changing and she is getting taller and "slimming up" some. She now has five teeth and is trying to walk! She took her first step by herself (without holding on to something) at nine months, and took three steps the day before she turned ten months old! But, she doesn't quite yet have the confidence to take more steps or to walk- on her own, that is. She still walks when holding onto fingers and she also walks around furniture (a.ka. "cruising").

  I've started to introduce her to more solid foods of different taste and texture. She is getting better at chewing, or "mashing" her foods. Soon, she will be drinking from a sippy cup. She is still breastfed, but occasionally will drink water from a cup (usually mine.) Her current favorite foods are: classic hummus, bananas, anything mixed with kale and spinach, Greek yogurt, and amaranth. She has one premade food that is a mixture of pumpkin, dates, oats, and chia- I tasted it and it was amazing! I would totally eat it! Actually, it reminds me of my loved chia tea latte that I get from Starbucks!  So it's safe to say that she has been eating quite an assortment of food blends for her budding palate! If anyone reading is wondering what premade baby foods we buy: Plum Organics and Sprout Organic baby food. Both companies also make organic go-to snacks for us adults, too. Just FYI.

  Eleanor has added the word, Yeah, to her vocabulary. Which is hilarious! If you ask her a question her answer is, "Yeah!" I know all too soon she will be saying "No!", ha! She "jabbers" non-stop and has the sweetest baby girl voice!

  She still responds to being told "no". She also still responds to her name being called. If she leaves the room all I need to do is say, "Eleanor, come in here to Mommy." and she stops, turns around, and comes to me- or at least in the same room from where I called to her.

10 month milestones {some are repeats from 9 months}- Says: Momma, Dada, Bubba, Ezra, This, & Yeah- all very plainly; Repeats sounds and words; Stands on her own (at 8 months); Took a step on her own 9 months; Eating more solids; Shows curiosity about things and tries to get things that are out of reach (constantly!); Smiles really big when you say her name, responds to her name, responds to and understands "No" and stops what she is doing; Listens to commands such as "Eleanor, do 'pretty picture in a frame' " and, "Eleanor, get your baby.";  Copies facial expressions and gestures- her favorite being sticking out her tongue!;  Still very clingy with me. However she now lets her daddy put her to sleep; Stands on her own (in middle of the room without assistance from furniture or someone)- Stands holding onto something, too; loves having books read to her; Tries feeding herself; Still enjoys playing peek-a-boo, Ezra plays this game with her all the time; Has 5 teeth; Still loves playing with Ezra; watches the path of objects as they fall (usually her bath toys falling/being thrown out of her bathtub); Looks for things hidden- and knows exactly where things are, too.; Points at objects;responds to simple, spoken, requests; tries to say words you say; Mimics and repeats sounds back to you; Explores things in different ways, like shaking, banging, throwing.

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Kindred Women

 I just wrote a post for The Kindred Women blog. I briefly shared my story on having stage IV Endometriosis and my beliefs when it comes to prayer and trusting in God. You can read it here (affiliate link) or read below. 


  This blog has totally turned into a pregnancy/baby update blog, which was honestly unintentional. Motherhood leaves little time for frivolous and non-frivolous blogging. But I think I'll try to do at least one entry a month, a non-kid(s) related post, from now on.

  I use to love doing a monthly current obsessions post. Just a list of things that I particularly liked during that month. Stuff ranging from films, books, music, products, and food/recipes. I also want to work on my photography "skills", so this will be a good outlet for practice.

  So, to anyone stumbling upon this blog for the first time, know that semi-interesting posts are coming soon!


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