Eleanor Love ~ 7 months

Eleanor Love

seven months 

  We just celebrated Eleanor's first Thanksgiving and now we are about to celebrate her first Christmas. Holidays with babies are always so very special and also lots of fun! She has been attentively watching big brother make Christmas arts and crafts these past few weeks.  I would let her join in too, but she's in a "I-try-to-eat-everything-I-get-a-hold-of" stage! Although I do have a special art project that we will be doing with her soon. A canvas painting of her hands and feet- I have one of Ezra's from seven months old, too!

  Ellie is becoming more mobile, and she's quick, too! She is trying to pull up to stand. Her eyes change from green to a very light brown. Which you can see in the photo that I snapped of her, below. That day they were really green, but you can see flakes of gold-brown, too. As you can see in all of these photographs, her eye color is changing constantly. I'm wondering if this will be a permanent thing, like my husband's eyes. She is growing more ash blonde hair. It is getting longer in the back. It seems like she will have straight hair, opposite of Ezra's curly baby hair. If we're lucky she will have hair by her first birthday! Both of my babies are little "baldies"! Eleanor finally has a tooth, after a few months of trying to cut one! She's a chunky little baby, as well! Although she is just now seven months old, she wears 9-12 month clothing!I totally blame it all on the breast milk, ha! At least she is completely healthy, very thankful for that!

  Little Love loves butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Immensely dislikes pears! She likes navy beans, but not peas so much. She is doing very well with eating solids. She even tries to feed herself, although I'm sure it's just because she thinks I'm not feeding her fast enough! I am still, of course, nursing her and plan to until she weans herself.

  Eleanor really enjoys having books read to her. Story time with Ezra is a challenge because Eleanor tries (and most time is successful) at grabbing and stealing the book! She likes to just look at them, and of course chew on them, too! She smiles constantly; such a happy baby. Ellie still enjoys playing peek-a-boo. She even, occasionally, likes to watch cartoons with big bro Ezra. She loves being held, and is still very cuddly. She will snuggle up with anyone that will rock her to sleep. I have noticed that she is very clingy with me. She will cry whenever I leave the room, even if Justin is holding her. It's a phase, I know, but still makes me sad to see her upset. Eleanor is also riding in the car so much better! She doesn't cry or want to nurse, she just looks at her seat-toys and plays quietly. She even sleeps on car rides- I wish she did that on our 14 hour trip from Arkansas to Texas! HA!

  Seven month milestones: {some are repeats from 6 months}- Saying "Momma" more plain- usually only when she's mad/hungry/sleepy; Rocking back and forth on hands and knees; Crawling backwards, super quick!; Crawling on hands and knees!; Eating solids (started at end of 6 months); Shows curiosity about things and tries to get things that are out of reach (constantly!); Sits without support for long periods of time; Smiles really big when you say her name, sometimes acting coy but most of the time she looks at you, always, though, smiling!; Copies facial expressions and gestures- her favorite being sticking out her tongue!; Very clingy with me. She cries when I leave the room, even with Justin holding her; Starting to understand "no", really puckers her lip out and frowns. Really only enforcing that when she bites during nursing- ouch!; Tries to pull up on objects to stand; loves having books read to her; Puts things in her mouth, tries feeding herself; Still enjoys playing peek-a-boo; Has a tooth!; Loves playing with Ezra!

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Ezra, 2.5 years


age 2.5 years

 I realized a couple months ago that I never wrote a post on Ezra's milestone and general updates when he turned two. I blame it completely on "pregnancy brain". I started Montessori homeschooling with him back in August. He is really thriving in the Montessori method. We are very proud of all of his achievements! This post has taken me two months to finish. There is just so much information to remember and share! Continue with lots of information and a plethora of photos after this jump...

Eleanor Love ~ 6 months

Eleanor Love

six months

  It is really hard to believe that Eleanor is already six months old! And in just six short months from now she will be turning one! I feel like she has changed so much physically and advanced tremendously these past few weeks. She weighs a whopping 21.4lbs! She can now sit upright by herself, even if it is for less than 20 seconds at a time! The more I work with her on that, the better she gets- of course! I always make sure that while she is awake I have her sitting upright (no flat heads!). She really enjoys playing in her activity bouncer. Its a Baby Einstein bouncer that plays classical music and has quite an array of textures to play with. Eleanor is also trying to crawl! She goes from crawling on her belly to position on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth. I'll place her on a quilt on the floor, belly down, facing one direction. I'll go in the kitchen for something or help assist Ezra in the bathroom (he's potty trained now) and look at her and she is facing the complete opposite direction at least six feet from where she started! I've discovered that she thinks the best way to get to point A to point B is by rolling! She is also trying her very hardest to pull up on objects- but she's not quite ready for that just yet! 

  It seems like she is still trying to cut that first tooth. The sharp nub on her upper set is more prominent now. Over the past couple weeks I've let Eleanor sample some solid food. I wanted to wait with her until she was six months old before  trying her on solids to replace a nursing meal. She ate sweet potato first,and loved it. Secondly, homemade hummus, and third, carrots. She loved all, kinda shook all over on the hummus though! Her new favorite thing is trying desperately to drink water out of a straw from my daily water bottle.

  Here is a list of the milestones that Eleanor has reach so far, 
some might be repeated from her five month post:
six month milestones-  Rocks back and forth, sometimes crawling backward before moving forward; When standing, supports weight on legs and bounces; Sits without support; Rolls over in both directions- front to back, back to front; Passes things from one hand to the other; Shows curiosity about things and tries to get things that are out of reach (Ezra's toy cars and trucks and my daily water bottle!); She is trying to drink from a straw (again, my daily water bottle); Brings things to mouth (yet again, the straw and straw cap from my water bottle, among other things); Looks around at things nearby; Makes sounds to show joy and displeasure; Responds to her own name- both Eleanor, and nickname, Ellie; Strings vowels together when babbling (“ah,” “eh,” “oh”) and likes taking turns with us while making sounds; Loves watching herself in the mirror, especially when she receive kisses on the cheek!; Responds to other people’s emotions and often seems happy; Likes to play with others, especially Ezra.; Loves playing peek-a-boo; Tries to pull up to stand (slightly unsuccessful though!); She has been using her finger to point at things (that started this week). 

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Eleanor Love- 5 months

Eleanor Love

5 months


  Little Miss Eleanor Love turned five months old yesterday. She was all smiles during pictures. Probably because big brother was taking her pictures, too, with his toy camera- ha ha! I have tried to list all of her milestones below. She changes and advances so much from week to week. So far, she's on par with big brother Ezra! (not that we're comparing) Although she is just now five months old, she's wearing NINE month old clothing! Talk about breast milk healthy, she definitely is!

Eleanor's five month milestones: Eleanor responds to her own name. We either call her "Eleanor" or "Ellie". When lying on stomach, she pushes up to elbows. Can hold a toy and shake it and swing at dangling toys. Rolls over from tummy to back & back to tummy! Pushes down on legs when feet are on a hard surface (since 1 month old). When standing, she can support her weight on her legs and sometimes bounces. Recognizes familiar people and things at a distance and really watches faces. She even fell asleep in her Uncle Josh's arms the other night! Uses hands and eyes together, such as seeing a toy and reaching for it. Reaches for toy with one hand. Responds to affection, she's very lovey. I get all kinds of caresses on my cheek while nursing her and she also gives some pretty aggressive kisses! Definitely lets you know if she is happy or sad! She started babbling at four months. She babbles with expression and copies sounds she hears. Still says, "Mommy" and not Momma. It sounds like, "Mom-meee"- too cute! Babbles her Mmmm's and Bbbb's.  Copies some movements and facial expressions, like smiling or frowning. My favorite being the BIG pout she does by sticking her bottom lip way out! Likes to play with people, she always plays with us, but also plays with others she's around. Especially her big brother, Ezra! He plays so gentle with her! She loves playing peek-a-boo and laughs really hard while playing it, too. Knows familiar faces and begins to know if someone is a stranger. Loves looking at herself in the mirror, always giving big smiles to herself! She brings objects to her mouth, I think out of bot curiosity and teething! Constantly tries to get things out of her reach. Especially my food, if I'm holding her while eating! She's a supported sitter. I'm working with her on sitting by herself. 

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