Autumn days: Taking family portraits: I need more iron supplements

Autumn Days 

  On thanksgiving I decided that we needed family pictures. We had yet taken any since Ezra was born. None that were decent or rightfully edited anyway. Of course, and unplanned, we overslept our nap after thanksgiving dinner. Rushing about trying to get ready before we lost what decent lighting was left of the day. Thus causing a rushed session: one of which I am surprisingly pleased.
I had my hair in intricate pin curls earlier that morning. My lips lined in red that did not once smear even as I sipped my tea. My eyes smoked in kohl. I wore my slightly wrinkled French silk blouse that I thrifted in Dallas and a black cameo brooch that belonged to my maternal grandmother. The photographs, as you probably can tell, look as if I have edited myself to look like some sort of porcelain doll. In fact, its just my anemia bleeding through my non sun-kissed skin. No edit or flash necessary.
I hurriedly sat my equipment up in the field. We sat upon the cool ground amongst the waist-high golden grass on my parent's land. A few minutes just before sunset we managed to get our first set of family photographs.

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