Ezra ➸ seven months


seven months

  I finally got around to taking Ezra's seven month pictures today. He was not in the mood for pictures! He kept standing up in the chair or leaning over to gnaw on the rusted metal chair arm.The above picture is from our little photo session; it's the only photo I got to edit today. Ezra still loves books. We try to read at least two books to him every night at bedtime. We've just finished the Beatrix Potter collection. Not only is he interested in picture books, but he also listens and watches when we read to him. 

milestones: pulling himself up to stand!- an everyday activity like its no big deal!; stands while holding onto something one-handed; still crawls- this time without dragging his belly across the floor; trying to walk; picks up objects with pincer grasp; tries to feed himself with spoon- he still drinks from a sippy cup correctly; he says new verbal sounds and constantly jabbers combining syllables; my dad swears that Ezra said "Papaw" four times on thanksgiving [he is saying his "p's" though] although I have to admit it did sound a lot like "Papaw"; trying new foods- he l.o.v.e.s. fresh avocado; Ezra is also currently going through that clingy I-don't-want-to-be-separated-from-my-mom phase; he drags objects toward himself; still loves to play peek-a-boo; he understands "No", looks directly at the correct parent when asked," Where's Momma? Where's Dada?" He also will look for his grandparents when we are at their house visiting. I'll ask, "Where is Papaw?" or "Where is Gran?" & Ezra will tilt his head and lean to look down the hall or around a chair for them; he is currently in the process of learning how to roll a ball back and forth.

1. Ezra's seven month picture.
2. & 3. Turkey butt! Ezra on thanksgiving at my parent's house.
4. Ezra, one week before he turned seven months, standing in his playpen!
5. Ezra at thanksgiving #2, having an early "Christmas" with his cousin and his dad's side of the family.
6. Showing off his two teeth!
7. My sweet lethargic baby.

all images © Annalee Hodges

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