Ezra ➸ nine months


  nine months 

   Ezra had his nine month checkup the other day. He is a happy, healthy, nine month old! He weighs 22lbs and is 29.8" tall. Ezra is a bit tall for his age, being in the 98%; but then again I'm 5'10" & his dad is 6'3"- he's going to be a tall dude! His eyes still change color from brown to green. I guess he will have chameleon eyes like his daddy. I still have not got around to editing and even finish taking his 9 month pictures! We've had such horrible weather & we have been out of town too. The following are just a few iPhone shots of him from the past few weeks.

(Ezra, standing in the middle of our bed first thing in the morning! He always wakes up SO happy and full of smiles and hugs! It's the best way to wake up!)

  Here are a few of his favorite things this past month. Ezra loves having his teeth brushed! I thought he might have a meltdown with me brushing his five teeth, but he actually enjoys it! It probably feels good on teeth no.5 & 6 that are still coming in. The 'Isty Bitsy Spider' (his favorite part being "washed the spider out"). Reading bedtime stories is still a favorite, he listens to the story and points to the pictures in the book. Baby First programs on Netflix, which we watch on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday only. He enjoys "quiet time" in his playpen. That is time for him to spend with himself to explore-play and learn how to be independent. Most of that time is spent throwing toys out of the playpen! However he does sit and look through books or play with his stacking cups and the like.

   (Ezra sleeping in the car after his 9 month checkup.)

  He took a step in month 8, unattended, a total of four times! He still cruises while holding on to furniture. Since then Ezra has "graduated" from taking one and two steps to taking four steps- unassisted! Walks "by himself" holding onto only one of my fingers for balance. He is not yet to the "comfortable place" of walking by himself. He stands alone for a couple of seconds up to a full two minutes if something has his full attention. He pulls himself upright to stand and to cruise along the furniture. He also stoops from the standing position. I have a pretty good feeling he will be walking by the end of month 9!
(Ezra, pictured here wearing MY vintage SMU shirt from the 80's & his hipster-baby-jean-jacket, baby jeans, & leather moccasins. Trying to walk during my very unsuccessful attempt at taking his 9 month pictures!)

  To say that Ezra is ahead of the vast majority of babies his age is an understatement. Here are Ezra's milestones this past month: Ezra now says "Dada"! -this makes three words in his vocabulary. We are working on word no.4- baby. It sounds more like "bay-buh" though. He says "Mama" and "Dada" to the correct parent! He also tries to imitate a dog barking, primarily Grover's bark. He still jabbers and combines syllables. Mimics noises, facial expressions, and some hand gestures. He does the "pretty picture in a frame" when asked. That's basically just raising both hands above his head "framing" his face & smiling! It's really too cute! Those are things he's not supposed to be doing until 12+ months!! He still speaks in that gravelly voice when asked to "do the monster" same as in month eight. I guess that has not got old to him yet! Ezra indicates wants with hand gestures. He loves looking and gazing at his reflection. He walks "by himself" holding onto only one of my fingers for balance. Stands alone for a couple of seconds up to a minute or two if something has his full attention. He stoops from standing position. Learning to self-feed, getting better at this too! Ezra "sings" and "dances", which basically is just him humming at different pitches, but its the sweetest thing in the whole world! He's still banging objects together, an ongoing event since month five! And the milestone that makes me very eager to get his I.Q. tested: Groups toys in like colors. (e.g. yellow stacking cup with yellow truck with yellow stacking ring; blue stacking cups with blue stacking ring on blue book; etc...) I mean, he was only 8 months old when he started doing this!

all images © Annalee Hodges

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