Vintage finds: Vintage kitchen & Edwardian goodies

  I usually do not post about Christmas gifts and the like, but the lovely gifts I received on Christmas from my hubby and son are similar to what I do post when it comes to vintage finds and antiques. Normally we do not get each other gifts. We decided that on our first Christmas that we were married, five years ago. I won't go into depth as to why or anything. Basically, I feel that gifts should be given to small children and those who have very little.
I did get him a little something while antiquing back in early December. He was sneaky and went after work to one of my favorite antique stores and got me the following gifts.

Do you like the brown paper bag wrapping? Ha ha, "Coal" and "Socks" is what he said he got me! He's too much, really.

  "Socks": an antique cast iron skillet (that cleaned up beautifully); blue Pyrex refrigerator dish with lid; vintage Androck hand-sifter from the 1940's; vintage 1940's Androck nut chopper.

  "Coal": yellow vintage S&P shakers (I'm selling my other vintage shakers); an antique hand mixer; vintage cookie cutters (two of them are lead); a mid century wooden serving plate; and a non kitchen item- an Edwardian stereoscope, also two pictures!!! It even has the original velvet along the eyepiece.

  The Edwardian stereoscope was used to view images in 3D. The pictures have dates of 1907 on them. The stereoscope its self dates around 1900-1910. It's an amazing piece to add to my Edwardian collection, & looks perfect with my Edwardian living room decor!

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