Better After: Reupholstered Mid Century Chair

Better After: Reupholstered Mid Century Chair 



The Before:

  This mid century style chair came from my maternal grandparents home, in which my ailing grandfather just moved out of. According to my mom, my grandma reupholstered this chair back sometime in the early 80s (or so she remembers). Grandma was quite bohemian, however I'm not sure why she chose red faux leather for this chair! 

  I had a bohemian aesthetic print in mind for this chair. Originally I wanted a black & white native print, but couldn't find anything near what I had in mind while shopping at the fabric store. Dishearteningly bummed out two hours later and about to head over to the check out with only a roll of mustard velvet in tote, I thought I should go back and dig through the clearance isle just one more time. That is when I found this Earthy native print hidden amongst 50lb rolls of early 90s floral; just under 4yd, and just what I needed and for only $3.00 a yd!

  I precariously wondered what the original fabric looked like before. You know, before the atrocious red. Well I wonder no more! During the removal of the faux red leather I discovered a few places where the original staples held... turquoise faux leather! I kept the original foam padding and added a thick batting on top of both the seat and back for extra comfort.


 The After:

  I'm extremely pleased with how my first reupholstery job turned out! We now have a functional and pretty chair for our living space! I've thought about the possibility of painting the details (seen better on first picture posted) on the legs a metallic copper. I already have lots of plans for my metallic copper paint...and the mustard color velvet!

all images © Annalee Hodges

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