Endometriosis Awareness Month

  Living with an invisible illness isn't easy. As a "survivor" of Endometriosis I felt the need to blog about an illness that doesn't get much media coverage, if any. I placed survivor in quotes because, much like cancer, endo comes back time and again after removal and one isn't cured of Endometriosis.

There is no cure for Endometriosis. 

How bad can it be? Isn't it just really bad cramps?

  Cramps, we would be able to handle. No problem.

  Imagine a pain so bad that you cannot get out of bed. Your body curled up into a ball. Sometimes you even vomit because you are in so much pain. In my case losing complete consciousness and then vomiting from the pain. Imagine that normal-over-the-counter-pain-medication does not even remotely help you. Imagine you have such a heavy menstrual cycle that you cannot go anywhere without having to change your hygiene products at least once an hour or hour and a half if you are lucky. Imagine going to the doctor and they tell you that there is an immense possibility that you will never have children because of this silent disease. Imagine never knowing when your menstrual cycle is, and because of this disease you are always irregular. Imagine having "cramps" at any given time of the month for absolutely no reason.

  The month of March is endometriosis awareness month. Yellow is the endometriosis awareness color. So remember this March to wear something yellow. Get a yellow ribbon and when asked what it is for, let them know it is for all the woman living with this painful disease endometriosis.

  I, for one, am beyond blessed and thankful to have been able to get pregnant after the first removal of endometriosis from my body. To read more about my story of having endometriosis and the emergency surgery I ended up having, click HERE.


▲ For more information, please visit endocenter.org 




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