Ezra ➸ eleven months

Ezra eleven months


  It's really hard to believe that Ezra will be ONE next month!  


  Milestones this past month: still pointing & jabbering. He started waving hello & goodbye. When I'm on the phone and I say "bye" he starts waving, too funny! Also shakes head no and yes. Answers by shaking head no or yes. New words are: "bye-bye", "hi", "hat", "wuv-wuv" (love), "no", and "my be-bee" (my baby). He also "meows" like a cat when he sees a cat, and "uff-woof"s when you ask him how a 'dog goes'. Run-walking everywhere he goes. Dancing to music! I mean tapping his foot, patting his leg, shaking his head, shaking his butt... the works! This kid loves to dance! And he dances differently to different genres of music; he's got rhythm! Bends over to pick things up. Still helps me dress him. Combines words and gestures to make his needs known. Still plays with a ball. He kicks it forward and throws it to you. I purchased a huge green bouncy ball for him to play out in the yard with as part of his Easter gift, so that will be fun once the weather warms up. He's been having temper tantrums when becoming frustrated for a couple of months now. Just a small challenge that we're working on with him. Thankfully those do not happen very often. He points to one body part when asked (belly button & eyes). Ezra is also starting to climb! Yikes! He's quite crafty in the playpen at "building a ladder" to climb on and trying to get out of it! As I'm typing this he is taking off his shirt! Another milestone for 16+ months! He already yanks off his socks! But he has a thing with putting his shoes on. He tries to put them on by himself. I think he just wants to go outside and he knows he has to have his shoes on!

  Favorite activities are dancing (preferably to bluegrass & Bob Dylan), chasing Grover, going down the slide (only with my assistance of course!), picking those wild purple spring flowers, feeding the ducks at the park, and walking around/playing outside- providing its nice weather! He picks flowers and hands them to me. I'm trying to teach him how to smell them; he would rather attempt to shove them up my nose! As always he loves reading books. We still read at least two every night. 

  Ezra is teething again. Thankfully he has never really had a hard time with that. He doesn't cry or run fever or anything like some babies do. He just chews and slobbers on everything! I haven't introduced him to any new foods this month. He likes just about everything I feed him, all but pasta! He still spits out pasta.

  Remember what I said on his ten month post about walking? Well, that lasted only for a week. He started walking at nine months, but then reverted to crawling for a little over a week when he was ten months. He would only take three steps at a time and then crawl the rest of the way. Thankfully he stopped doing that. Now he walks everywhere, by himself. He tries to run and gets frustrated when he can't get from point A to point B as fast as he would like.

  Now we're just getting ready for his first Easter 
 his first birthday next month! 

I may or may not have spent a lot on his Easter basket and gifts...

I may or may not have went overboard on birthday decorations! 
But what can I say, you only turn 1 once!

all images © Annalee Hodges


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