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  I'm really behind on posting about my thrift finds! I only go thrifting maybe twice a month, if that. On my trips though I always hit the jackpot! I also only purchase things I either need or can immediately use. Otherwise it wouldn't be thrifty, right? These finds are from Goodwill, local thrift, and flea market trips. 
(Details posted below pictures)

two Pyrex, 'Federal Eagle', mugs- $1.00 each
large Pyrex bowl in 'Butterfly Gold 2' - $10.00 
large divided serving 1950's Glasbake USA bowl with herb print- FREE
vintage potato masher- $2.00
Zodiac drinking glass in Leo- $0.25
large-mouth 'mushroom recipe' mug- $0.50
vintage green daisy napkin holder- $0.25
spring earth tone Granny square quilt- $4.00
vintage green round knit table cover (for my patio table)- $2.00
Queen size floral sheet (being used for material)- $1.00
wicker and grapevine basket (used as a berry/herb gatherer basket)- $0.50

set of vintage kid books, short stories; multiple authors- $1.00 each [$9.00 for the incomplete set- missing no.4]
Book 'Man In Space To the Moon'- $1.00
Galaxies school textbook- $0.99
not pictured white photo album- $0.50
not pictured eight toddler/children's books- marked any 4 for $1.00 [so that is eight books for $2.00]
not pictured 4 vintage books- $1.00 each
 matching ornate picture frames- $2.50 ea

  The Glasbake USA bowl with the green herb print was given to me by a friend who was going to list it in her yard sale. The most expensive item here is the Pyrex bowl. I purchased it at a flea market, I thought the price was fair for a 2.5 Cinderella mixing bowl without any flaws. I actually needed another mixing bowl, I prefer Pyrex when its practical. The Leo drinking glass was probably my favorite find. I'm not really into the zodiac, but Leo is my sign. It's really hippie-ish, I wouldn't mind having the set of those. I have already upcycled those matching ornate frames. I spray painted them satin black and removed the artwork and added our own photos. I have them hanging on my Edwardian wall.            

  The Junior Classic Short Story books (1-10) actually was the full set. However, no.4 had some damage to it so I decided against purchasing it. I could have purchased it as-is. But it was gone the next time I went in that particular thrift store. Galaxies is actually a school text book. One of two different school books I purchased. This one contains lots of short stories. I could do a post on the illustrations alone! The other school book, not pictured, is the teacher's addition. It contains short stories as well and was printed in the 1960's. Other books purchased were vintage children books. Little Golden books and a few cute vintage ones. One of my favorite books as a child, The Witch Next Door, I found at the thrift store and purchased it for Ezra.

not pictured beat-up-granny-style-combat boots (Justin brand)- $4.00!!! Perfect find!!! Exactly what I have been looking for!!!
plain form-fitting red sweater (that I have been searching for since 2008)- $2.00
"aztec" design ugly sweater- $2.00
Green floral dress (needs to be altered)- $3.00
Purple calf length skirt- $2.00
blue muumuu dress- $3.00
sage green floral muumuu dress- $3.00

  The blue Muumuu actually fits amazingly on me [as much as a Muumuu can]! I think it looks really pretty against my skin tone too. The sage green one is huge on me, but that's the point. I wear a little something under it if I'm going to wear it out. I always find cute Muumuus at the local thrift! My obsession with wearing them started in 2005. I always wished I could wear one out in public without looking matronly. A friend on mine, who happens to be a fashion major, started to wear them in '05. The way she wore them looked absolutely darling! She encouraged me to wear them too since I had always wanted to. The purple skirt fits me perfectly too, no alterations needed. The green dress I couldn't pass up based on the print of the fabric alone. It currently still has those tacky shoulder pads and is too long, but alterations will be made soon. I plan on making it shorter and taking it in to fit me better in the waist. The black combat boots are boots that I have been searching high and low for! Seriously, since 2005! I have found many similar through out the years but they were ALL way too pricey! And all of the boots now days, and the past five plus years, have a stupid zipper on them. [Sorry, I'm not sorry, I absolutely abhor the look of a zipper on a combat boot!] The red sweater I purchased solely on the fact that I have been looking for one since I saw the film Wristcutters: A Love Story back in 2008. The blue sweater was just too ugly to not buy! I'll wear it with skinny high-water jeans and leather flats. Or with cutoff shorts and my combat boots!

**UPDATE 06/19/2013- The Junior Classics books that I purchased (1-10 but missing no.4) are going for around $50.00 on Etsy! WHAT!? I paid $9.00 for mine! Now I regret not buying the damaged no.4!  See the books on Etsy here, here, here, (9 volume set missing no.1 here), and here.

all images © Annalee Hodges

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  1. You really did find some amazing things here! I love thrifting and garage saling too! There is such a thrill with the right find or like the boots and red sweater you've been searching for!
    I'm always on the hunt for a record player (cheap), embroidery hoops, large mason jars and afghans (even though I have too many already!). And pyrex, always pyrex. :) Your blog is such a joy to read!

    1. I too, have too many afghans! That, along with Pyrex, is something else I just can't seem to say no to while thrifting. I have a small list of items to look for while thrifting and antiquing on my iphone; just to keep myself in line. Or else I would get completely carried away! :)


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