DIY: Framed Heirloom Recipes and Lou's Favorite Chocolate Pie

DIY: Framed Heirloom Recipes

and Lou's Favorite Chocolate Pie

  Back in February I posted this to Instagram but I completely forgot to make a blog post about it too! I wrote:

Framed: "Lou's Favorite Chocolate Pie". This handwritten and cocoa stained recipe card was my maternal Grandma's favorite go-to dessert. A dessert that I fondly remember her making for me many times. The yellow pinstriped piece of fabric behind the recipe is a scrap piece of fabric from her sewing bin. Fabric that she had used to make herself a blouse, one that I recall her wearing quite often. I have this frame placed on top of my range, as a loving reminder of her. I miss her immensely.

 (my grandmother, Mary Louise Smith)

 One of my favorite things in my kitchen are the framed recipes in my grandmother's handwriting. I knew immediately when my mom handed down the recipes to me that I didn't want to stuff them in my recipe box to be lost amongst countless other recipes. Especially the recipe on chocolate pie. One of my favorite memories of my maternal grandmother is of her baking her renowned chocolate pie just for me. A few of her dishes and cutlery that I recall the pie being served on, were bestowed to me too. Another thing about this recipe that I adore is how it's smeared and stained with cocoa powder!

Items needed for this DIY: 
a picture frame
a special recipe maybe from a grandmother, mother, sister, aunt,  etc.
scrap fabric

 I have two framed recipes in my kitchen. One [pictured] placed on top of my cooking range, and the other on top of my baker's rack along with my antique kitchen items and cookbooks. All I did was customize a cheap picture frame (4"x6" or slightly larger than the recipe card) with paint and antiquing glaze and added some scrap fabric for the backing. Simple and easy. Other ideas with this DIY could be placing the framed recipe on the counter top near canisters or on a china hutch. Or pick a frame to hang on the wall. Maybe even large enough to hold more than one recipe. If you don't have any scrap material you can use scrapbook paper or pretty wrapping paper. Instant, yet meaningful, art.
  I plan on having my mom write a few of her favorite holiday recipes down too, to be framed and hung on my kitchen wall. That's also a perfect way for me to display my vintage mid-century Christmas wrapping paper too!

And for the recipe; Lou's Favorite Chocolate Pie:

3 eggs, separated - slightly beaten
1c sugar
2c milk
1tsp vanilla
2 tbsp chocolate (cocoa powder)
2tbsp flour

 Combine eggs with most of sugar & mix with cocoa, flour, and remainder of sugar. Add milk and vanilla. Stir over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Pour in baked pie shell and let cool.


all images © Annalee Hodges

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  1. What a wonderful keepsake and a great way to displa it. Thanks for sharing at the Knick of Time Tuesday party!


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