Self portraiture and reflections of the 1930's...

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  A few nights ago, while watching the film Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, I looked over my living surroundings and noticed a great deal of my home decor is quite reminiscent of the 1930's. Instant stupefaction. Our bedroom, main bathroom, parts of the living room decor (that isn't Edwardian), and even parts of my kitchen as well. Unintentional at best, I also noticed that quite a bit of my wardrobe is, too, reminiscent of the era I so adore [e.g. the top half of the pictured above outfit]. The era of my paternal grandmother. see post

  So, in the middle of my antique dresser makeover I have decided to go with my adoration of the 30's and select paint to match such furniture in that same era. I'm also working on a few repurposing art pieces for living room decor that will be reminiscent of the same era. 

 The above pictures of myself were taken this past weekend and my parents' house. It is a hour drive to visit them, so I don't get to go near as often as I would like. This past weekend we had a family dinner, celebrating my maternal grandfather's 81st birthday. 

  And that is just a little bit of boring information of what I have [sort of] been up to lately.  

all images ©Annalee Hodges

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