A little update of what we have been up to lately...

Berry harvesting- We have quite a few blackberry and boysenberry bushes on our property. Picking berries has been an everyday thing for the past three weeks! I can't wait to make homemade jam with them! 

Family time- One of the most important things for my husband and I is to spend as much time together as a family. I think I've made myself clear in previous posts about my feelings on the constant use of babysitters, so I'll spare you that! That is something that simply does not appeal to us. We spent our four day weekend celebrating our nation's birthday together as a family. Cookouts, swimming, movie nights, and enjoying homemade lemonade with nachos while watching Independence day fireworks at our local park. The weather was unseasonably cool, perfect for spending time together outside! 

 Gardening- This year we decided on a very small garden. We planted tomatoes, bok choy, bell peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. The horn-worms wrecked havoc on the bok choy. Thankfully, I caught them in time before they started in on my tomato plants! Ezra likes to help pick vegetables and water the garden. I have to watch him though, he likes to eat cucumbers from the vine! Also, the local farmers market is amazing, as always! We scored so many goodies for almost nothing. So I've been busy with freezing veggies and making sweet pickles almost daily. I'll share my recipe for homemade sweet refrigerator pickles soon! I made three large jars, because I had to use up all the freshly picked cucumbers and onions we had, and hubs has already ate one jar!  

Sewing- It's about that time again when I decide to revamp our home decor. Everything is getting a 1930's makeover. *Think* Art Deco meets Art Nouveau and muted floral patterns. I'm on the lookout for a new couch. I would love a vintage couch, but if all else fails I've found a new one that will do just fine! I've been making throw pillows like crazy. I repurposed the wedding ring quilt top [made by my maternal great great grandmother that I found under the mid century chairs as batting] as a new cover for one of my vintage feather down pillows (pictured above). I actually got to use a few pieces of authentic 1930's and 1940's fabric for my pillows too. Some of you might know about feedsack and flour sack fabric. If not, here is a little history for you: After the invention of the sewing machine (mid 1800's), farm and food products were able to be stored and transported in bags rather than the normally used boxes and barrels. Many women [back then] used the bags and repurposed them as cloth diapers or kitchen towels and the like. Magazines and pattern companies began to take notice of feedsack popularity and by the 1920s began to publish patterns to take advantage of the feedsack prints. By the late 1930s the bag manufacturers were turning out bags in bright colors and printed designs. It was felt that these designs and colors would boost sales, because the woman of the house would always select the brand with the most attractive fabric. During World War II, there was a shortage of cotton fabric for the civilian population, and the recycling of bags became a necessity, encouraged by the government. After the war, the bags were not only a sign of domestic thrift; they also gave rural women a sense of fashion. Feedsacks remained popular well after the depression era. You can purchase reproduction prints of the same style fabrics today. Lucky for me though, my great grandmother and grandmother held on to some of their feed sack fabrics! Even if most are just large scrap pieces. I also am the immensely proud owner of at least twenty quilts and quilts tops made from darling swoon-worthy feedsack fabrics! We are getting an antique upright piano sometime in the next week or two, it is also getting a makeover.

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