of birthdays, country peaches, and perseids

  On August 8th, I celebrated my twenty-ninth birthday. I decided to celebrate by making the hour drive to my my parents' house with my little family. My mom and dad cooked out for my birthday dinner. I asked for a Southern meal of smoked brisket, seasoned baked beans, steamed broccoli, and baked potato. Not to mention a Southern staple, a huge pitcher of sweet tea. My mom also baked my birthday cake; a devil's food cake with chocolate fudge icing. I'm cherishing birthdays and celebrations that I get to spend with my family.

  We spent the afternoon relaxing at my parents' house, picking peaches from one of their peach trees, and later, against my better judgement, attending the local watermelon festival. Ezra had a blast the entire trip! He thought my cake was his, and of course he helped me blow the candles out. He "helped" pick peaches. Mostly throwing the already overripe fallen peaches, and hanging on to a few for himself. Ezra loved the watermelon festival. The festival had live music of classic 1950's songs in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis, which sadly, but wholeheartedly honestly, was awful. We let Ezra out of his stroller to dance. He spun around in circles to the music, shook his little bottom, smiled and clapped his hands the entire time! All that chasing him around while he danced was exhausting, so we purchased a pink lemonade sno-cone. What is it about having a sno-cone at festivals that just quench your thirst and make you all around happy? Overall it was fun. We even ran into a few old friends too!

  I helped my mom put away seventeen quarts of peaches! I took five of those home with me. We ended up making a homemade peach cobbler while I was there too! I planted their peach tree around twenty years ago. I remember we just purchased a huge crate of peaches from a neighboring town. After finishing my peach I decided to go outside and plant the seed from my peach; I had high hopes that a peach tree would grow! Lo and behold it did. It has, for many years, produced fruit, but only a handful were ever edible. Most would ruin to bugs, extreme drought or heat, or something else. This is the first year that my parents have had such a peach harvest! It's exciting because that neighboring town I mentioned where we always purchased peaches before no longer does so. And local or homegrown is always best! Also, Ezra's new word is "peaches", imagine that!

  Two weeks before my birthday Ezra and I spent a few days with my parents. Ezra had his fifteen month checkup and shots. I always make a long visit when he has doctor appointments. On one of those days visiting, my mom, Ezra, and I went thrifting and antiquing. So what she bought me during our outing counted as my birthday gifts from her. My favorite find was a framed 28"x30" vintage crewel art piece that we got for $4.00! It has the artist name and year on the back. I'll post pics of those thrift finds later on this week!

  My husband and son got me some Ben Nye makeup that I have been wanting. It's amazing, by-the-way! They also got me two books that I've had on my book-wish-list; The Coral Sea by Patti Smith and The Moon Witch by Linda Winstead Jones (it's the second book in a trilogy I'm currently reading). Also, my darling husband let me cut off his "hippie" hair, after much persistent begging! See a before and after pic HERE on my Instagram! Eeep! He no longer scares little old ladies and probably small children!
  To top off my birthday week celebration every single year, the cosmos bless us with the Perseid meteor shower. Although this year it has been way too cloudy. Every night it has rained or stormed, obscuring the view. There is always next year...

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